1. An honorific that means “older sister” in the Ilocano language

2. Also used to address older women, typically shopkeepers and the like, who are unknown to the speaker

3. Used pejoratively to refer to women who dress in a way that is commonly considered frumpy or who hold old-fashioned views

4. A blog that takes a look at various issues that pertain to women, particularly common expectations by society and portrayal in the media, among others

Hi, my name is Lynn, a Filipina and a feminist. I started this blog so I could have a place for my musings about feminism and expectations for and misconceptions about women held by society. I have no particularly framework in mind. I know I’ll make mistakes, and I’ll have my own issues and mistaken views that I’m gonna have to work through. I look forward to the process.

I strongly feel that the media fucks up how we see ourselves, so there will also be a lot of times when I’ll be complaining about how women are portrayed in commercials, TV shows, and magazines.

Because I was inspired by Jezebel, I’ve been wanting to start my own blog about women’s issues for a while now, but it took me a long time to choose the name. It wasn’t until I was chatting with a friend that the brilliance of the name “Manang” occurred to me. So many people and publications have decreed that it’s one of the worst things for a woman to become a manang or losyang and that we must maintain fabulousness and gorgeousness all throughout our days. I say there’s nothing wrong with being one, plus, it’s just mean to use a word from another Filipino language and turn it into an insult or a joke.