All grown-up

This article on Interaksyon caught my eye:

It’s been months since actress Ryza Cenon graced the cover of FHM, but sadly, nothing seems to have happened to her career, leaving the Kapuso star baffled and disappointed.

Apparently, her main beef is that she’s back to playing pa-tweetums or cutesy, young roles, as she’s primarily seeking to go for “heavy drama or sexy role talaga.”

It’s a phenomenon that seems to occur in showbiz around the world. At some point in their careers, young actresses are expected to bare it all on a men’s magazine cover to announce that they have either attained legal age, that they are undergoing a shift in their image, and that they’re ready to head in a new direction, careerwise.

I have no issues as to whether an actress wants to disrobe for a magazine, if that’s what she really feels that she wants and needs to do and not just because she’s complying with her manager’s idea–her life, her choice and all that. What I find particularly interesting is that how some see disrobing as a way to announce that they are ready for meaty roles. All I think it says is that you have no qualms about baring your body. Perhaps it’s because I just think that you can win substantial roles by, oh, I don’t know, prove that you have the aptitude for acting.

Of course, the actress isn’t the only person to criticize in such a situation. We can also look at how limited people’s views are as to the roles an actress can play in movies or TV. TV writers can be pretty lazy, redoing the same stereotypes and tropes over and over again, and being limited to the same kinds of characters, only with different names, which in turn limits actresses’ choices of roles.

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